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Fiedler Engineering Services – Facts

Many operators and manufacturers of filling and packaging systems in the food industry often operate their machines and systems with an efficiency of less than 70%. In most cases, only an analytically structured, experienced and overarching view can reveal why this is the case.
Our optimization analyses and neutral inspections help you to get the most out of your production systems and filling machines.

High plant efficiency increases the operating cash flow, significantly reduces unit costs and also influences the efficiency of personnel. It has a direct impact on energy efficiency and also makes for an attractive workplace. This also promotes employee loyalty to their company.

More corporate success through our know-how

Fiedler Engineering Services analyses and optimizes your new and existing systems and machines independently of manufacturers and impartially with the highest level of expertise – in Germany, Europe and all over the world.

When the interaction between man, machine and material is perfect, then our work is done. We work with all parties involved in the planning, modernization, optimization or acceptance of a production line or individual machine on an equal footing and in a spirit of partnership. You benefit from 25 years of international industry experience.

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Get in touch and commission us with performance and quality inspections in accordance with DIN 8782/8743 and EN 415-11, with performance analyses of interlinked production processes and the efficiency enhancement and technical inspection of your systems. We are your partner for project support, consulting and planning.