Vertical Startup: Cost savings through shorter commissioning times.

With our overarching view, we support your team on site with valuable assistance and solution concepts from our interference source analyses and characteristic value determinations.
We create transparency with regard to project progress and hidden problems.
Our overarching view leads to your vertical startup.
For us, the sustainability of the planning and the measures implemented is paramount.
Thanks to our knowledge of contractual requirements, the importance and determination of key figures and our experience from hundreds of acceptances, we accompany your specialists on site to achieve the best possible result and full acceptance by your customer.

Performance analyses

achieve performance levels faster through cross-divisional analyses

Performance acceptances

unambiguous results and sustainably high efficiency thanks to neutral inspections

neutral and professional


Errors often have overriding causes. We find them reliably.

  • professional support for commissioning engineers during fault analysis

  • neutral view of the actual causes

  • iterative individual working guide for the commissioning team

  • shortened commissioning phases thanks to performance analyses

  • increasing the certainty of passing the performance test

  • transparency and thoroughness lead to high acceptance, especially for projects abroad

  • determination of causes and expert analysis, even in the event of a drop in performance due to external factors such as people and materials

  • technical presentation for the general understanding of all parties

cooperative and experienced


Professional, impartial acceptance guarantees a sustainable high level of efficiency for your customers.

  • on request, analyses and optimization support even before acceptance

  • relieve the commissioning team and sensibly reduce construction site personnel

  • supplement customer discussions with technically sound investigations and presentations

  • highest acceptance of all parties through neutrality and transparency

  • relief of the customer-supplier relationship and mediation

Working as a team

All parties win.

As a machine and system manufacturer, you underline the high quality of your work and demonstrate your willingness to be transparent with a neutral acceptance. In the event of disagreements, we are available with our advice as a source of facts and mediators.

Sustainably on the spot

We are here.

Sometimes customers notice a loss of performance in their system some time after acceptance. A neutral analysis also finds causes that have nothing to do with your machine or that only become apparent with a time delay.
Fast and reliable.

Our services in performance and quality acceptance in accordance with DIN 8782/8743, EN 415-11

Performance analysis of interlinked production processes

Efficiency increase

Technical inspection


Project support, consulting, planning